In writing the pieces included in People we surfaced resources that have helped us along the way. We've also included a list of questions that have been helpful to ask ourselves and our teams for the development of our work.

Resources for Individuals

A book on feminist leadership, Feminists Among Us: Resistance and Advocacy in Library Leadership speaks to any individual or organization that wants to be more inclusive, transparent, and imbed an ethic of care into the workplace. Link:

Resources for teams

Questions to ask yourself and your team

  • How do you define your project? What is your projects unique impact?
  • How do you build your leadership skills?
  • How can you prevent burn-out?
  • Are you affecting change through your project? The change doesn’t have to be enormous; small changes can move mountains.
  • What’s your strategy for communicating even those small contributions? How do you share them?
  • How do we build a diverse team?
  • What is appropriate size for a team? How do you determine what is right for the project?
  • How to give team members a purpose/role that they can be passionate about?
  • What’s the right size for a team?
  • When to assign a Board of Directors? Or the Advisory Board or committee? What power will people on a governing board or body have over the project?
  • How do you co-lead a project/organization?
  • How do you manage conflict within your team?
  • How do you choose a diverse Advisory Board and how do you set the right expectations? How to choose members? How best to respect their time? How to best utilize their expertise/guidance? Is it useful to rotate/refresh your AB members or keep consistency?
  • How do you handle a public crisis within your team?
  • How to convert a community member into a team member?